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How to Order Step by Step

By FAQ's

1) You must first select a brand on the Home Page. By clicking on a brand name you will come to a page with a list from that brand’s multiple line up of products.

2) After you select a style you then click on the smaller picture of the wig you have selected. This will open up the second page of that particular wig product.

3) You then must select a color from the dropdown menu which is just below the picture on this second page.

4) Also on this second page just below the color menu you must select a size.

5) Then you click the button below that says “Add to Cart.”

6) On this page you may chose the quantity with the dropdown menu and the shopping cart will automatically calculate a subtotal for you if you select more than one.

7) Then you select a shipping tier. You will notice that some brands may have more shipping options than others. If you order before 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time your products will be in motion or “In Process” the very same business day.

8) After you have selected a shipping tier, then you click the button “Proceed to Checkout.”

9) This will bring you to a new page to set up your personal account. Please fill in your first and last name, then your phone number and email address. Then you must select a Log-in Name and a Password. These can be any combination of letters and numbers. We suggest you write it down and keep it in a safe place.

10) After you have selected a Log-in and Password you click on the button “Log In.” You will receive an email with a copy of this information within minutes. If the information is what you want then click the button “Continue.”

11) On the next page you will be asked to fill out your shipping and billing information. Please note: all this information will appear on your receipt and invoices just as you type it. Also the billing information must match all the information on your credit card in order for us to process your payment. For California customers, the shopping cart will automatically tally and display the applicable sales tax during check out. Customers from all other states are exempt from sales tax, as Ace Wigs is located in California. Then you may click on the button “Next Step.”

12) On this page you first must select a credit card type. Then enter your credit card numbers. The expiration date also must be selected using the drop down menu for the month and year. Then you click the button “Next Step.”

13) This is the final page for you to review before you send off your order. At the top of the page is a box for you to type in additional comments, if applicable. If everything is accurate then click the button “Send Order

14) The next page displayed will include the details of your order with your order ID number. Please print off this page and keep this for your records, as your order ID number is necessary if you need to contact us. You may also use this page as your receipt. Within minutes you will receive another email with your order confirmation from the administrative office of Ace Wigs.