• Easy Volume Luxury Net - 3117 - Fair Fashion
  • Easy Volume Luxury Net - 3117 - Fair Fashion
  • Easy Volume Luxury Net - 3117 - Fair Fashion
  • Easy Volume Luxury Net - 3117 - Fair Fashion
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Easy Volume Luxury Net - 3117

By Fair Fashion

100% Remy Human Hairpiece with a Microline French Top...

LUXURY NET is a hairpiece that uses the MicroLine method, an exceptional and revolutionary new system that integrates a micro-fine, virtually invisible net into the Client's existing hair with a special thread of keratin, the so called MicroLine. LUXURY NET is made exclusively with premium quality European hair. European hair has a unique texture which makes it soft and shiny. It has a natural movement to it that easily blends with your own hair and makes it almost impossible to notice the difference. The top part is made of 3 layers of lace mesh otherwise known as “French Top”, which hides the knots giving the impression that the hair grows directly from the scalp with a very natural effect. This MicroLine method enables to pass some of the Client's hair through the net all around the perimeter integrating it with the hairpiece and making it possible to comb and style just as if it were your own. Unlike other hairpieces and wigs, this method will not set limitations to one’s normal lifestyle. The Microline System is perfectly adapted for each client’s specific situation. Easy Volume Luxury Net uses exclusively Virgin European hair which is soft and shiny and has natural bounce and elasticity. Cap Size is 6.2” x 1.5” (16 cm x 14 cm)

Weight: 1.9 oz.
Hair Length: 8.6h (22 cm)
Sizes: 6.2h x 1.5h (16 cm x 14 cm)

Retail: $3290.00
Ace Wigs Price: $2401.00
New Sale! $1880.00

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